Shipping/ Return Policies

Shipping Times & Costs may vary per item; Costs/Times are calculated at Checkout. Some Items are unable to be shipped, which is indicated at Checkout. All Orders are processed within 2 days and should be expected to arrive within 2-3 weeks of product purchase.

No Returns on Shipped Items; Refunds may be given on items shown to
be Heavily damaged within 24 hrs of receiving packaged goods. Photographic evidence must be sent to within said 24hrs. Claims will be responded to with 48hrs. If a claim is verifiable, it will be refunded. 2 photos must be submitted to with the product receipt for claim to be processed. The claim or paid for item will be reimbursed through electronic payment if claim is found to be refundable.

For a claim to be considered for full refund; the item/items' packaging must not have been opened.