Happy Hanukkah!- From A Farmer

Happy Hanukkah!- From A Farmer

During a time of great turmoil, the Jewish people faced the annihilation of themselves and their faith by invaders in 168 B.C., the Jewish Maccabees fought the invaders and won. Afterwards, they held a dedication of the Temple with proper sacrifice and rekindled the sacred menorah which burned for eight days. Due to the miracle of it burning for eight days, the Jewish people celebrated those eight days and gave praise to God.

Hanukkah celebrates light when winter's darkness consumes daytime. In a similar way, farmers rejoice in a harvest even if a drought diminished the chance of a better harvest. In great struggle, farmers and those of the Jewish past persevered for good instead of succumbing to the bad around them.

Happy Hanukkah!

-From A Farmer


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